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Botox From China. It Play Good.

Get your Botox from China.
Then get yourself a good lawyer.

Look, I'm not in the habit of bashing anyones' second language skills considering my own inadiquacies with Japanese, French and German, but if you're going to be soliciting business in a country and promoting illegal activities, you'd better have a slicker pitch that this one for 'Botox from China'.

I get these pretty regularly now; pitches from China for Botox substitutes or cosmetic lasers and IPLs. It's interesting that they're using Gmail for their 'corporate correspondence'.

Here's the Botox from China email I just received:

Subject: Anti- Aging and skin care products based on HA ( Dermal filler,Botox,HA cream,etc)
Message: Dear friend,

I get your information on your website and find that you are engaged in non-surgical cosmetic and aesthetic medicals.

I would like to introduce our company and products with hope to get a chance to establish business relationship with you in the future.

We can supply the botox in 150iu. It play good in contouring facial lift.

Besides,we are also the manufacturer of hyaluronic acid filler. I have fillers in 10.000, 100.000, 200.000 particle in 1ml for deep,medium and fineline wrinkles. It also play good in nose augmentation, chin enhancement. We do not only have 20mg/ml fillers. We also have 25mg/ml one. And it do better for nose augmentation and chin enhancement.

We adopt BDDE cross-linked technology from Germany,the quality and lasting period is long and good. And our three plants are up to GMP standard.

So at first time we do not have minimum order limit in order to let you know my products.

We will delivery the products  immediatly by DHL express after we received the payment of the goods.

Should you have any questions or problems,pls let me konw freely.

We look forward to building up very good business ships based on mutual benefits.

Best quality, competitive prices & pleasant reputation are our Aim.

Have a wonderful day.

Thanks and best regards,
Qufu Haitao International Trading Co.,Ltd
Add:No.1 Guangming Road QuFu Tour & Economic Development Zone, QuFu
ShanDong, China

I don't know anyone that's ever used this kind of product... scratch that. I do know one physician who 'ordered' some of that cheap lab-animal botulism product that some doctors got in trouble with a few years ago. Of course he claims that he never used it on a patient.

Injecting with fake Botox substitutes from China is usually reserved for the wacko 'I learned to inject myself with fake Botox on YouTube' crowd, not medical practices, but It's obviously working at least a little bit if the frequency that I'm being contacted is any indication.

Is anyone else receiving these kinds of pitches?

Reader Comments (3)

Botox, fillers, and counterfeit laser machines are a huge problem in the aesthetic community of Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea, Japan, and the entire south east Asia. There have been crack downs on these counterfeit pharmacies in many countries. However, new operations open while another is being shut down. The only way to protect ourselves is to purchase only from authorized sales reps in the area. Patients are now more suspicious of ridiculously low price treatments fearing that counterfeit products are used in these procedures.

There was a bust by the local police in Taiwan this week. The local authorized dealer for the Deka laser lipolysis machine tampered with and modified many laser machines and sold them to unsuspecting clinics in the area. 100s of patients were badly burnt from these laser lipolysis procedures. Physicians got together and file law suits against the laser company. Search warrants were issued and the owner of the laser company was brought into justice this week. In this time and age, if something is too cheap or too good to be true, it probably is .

A medical rep came into a spa in San Diego county this last week. She said that they haven't been on the street...but they've "been in existence for over 10 years." Her company, Top Medical, offers discounted Dysport, Botox, Restylane, etc. The spa coordinator immediately became suspicious and asked whether Allergan knew about these discounted products "oh I'm sure they do," and where they get the products, "Oh somewhere in Ireland where they make it, I think we get it from Allergan, Ireland is the distributor though, we buy directly from Allergan..." The story just kept on changing.

Has anyone else heard of www. top medical ... com? I think this is a lawsuit waiting to happen. Top Medical/ TopMedical is just too suspicious and unable to give straight answers.

09.8 | Unregistered CommenterBeth

Hi all, we have people in our community charging $5 per unit for "Botox" - word is that it is Chinese - we can't compete paying almost $600/bottle 100u. They are charging less than our cost. I've heard they pay $25/bottle. I can't/won't compete in this way, so business is way down - not much I can do. My patients have gone to these places and like the results - say it's about the same as when I do it - they just can't afford to be loyal anymore, and although they are worried, will put their lives/faces on the line to save money. These are crazy times we live in. By the way, why is there an ad on this site for that fake Botox crap? $153 a bottle says it's fake. I am excited to find out about Spa MD Rx - will definitely try to get us involved in that. As far as Top Medical, I work part time in a clinic that has ordered Radiesse from there - I got freaked out that I had injected some of it, told them they have to order from Bioform. Honestly, it seemed EXACTLY the same. They are not ordering from there anymore, but I wondered if it was something like Spa MD Rx? The companies give amazing discounts with quantity purchases. I am an injector for Am Laser (OMG), and I've heard they pay less than $100/syringe for Juve.

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