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A very important part of skin care is to guard against potential skin cancers (melanoma). Most people have never had a skin scan that checks for suspicious moles or other marks and lesions on their skin. Technology is now available for use in Medi spas and skin care facilities that allow them to perform a simple, fast and painless scan of any suspicious looking moles or other marks on a persons skin. The technology looks below the skin into the dermis and epidermis layers and can see abnormalities in the collagen, blood and melanin. The information is very valuable and is a pre-screening device intended to indicate if the person being scanned should schedule an appointment with their dermatologist for further evaluation.
We have all heard of the MRI procedure. This skin scan technology is not exactly the same as MRI but it allows the user to see below the surface of the skin. This skin cancer screening device consists a small hand-held wand that attached to a computer and utilizes Siascopy technology to scan the mole and look beneath the surface of the skin.

Studies done at major skin cancer medical centers have indicated that the key to saving lives from skin cancer is 'Early Detection". Medi-spas can now offer this service to their clients.

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