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Press Request - Effectiveness & Safety Of Home Light LED Skin Care

Request from Carleen Coulter (Editor Beauty and Fashion Tech)

Please read the rules before responding.

I am looking for quotes from dermatologists and estheticians for a series of 5 articles for Beauty and Fashion Tech that will be cross promoted on Glam Media, which has a large audience. If you (or your client if you are a publicist) can give a short quotable reply to any of the following questions, please do! No need to answer all if you do not fee qualified or lack the time. Any number of responses, or even a single answer helps. Also please provide the name and credentials to be used with the quote. Many thanks!

  1. Are at home light therapy devices effective? Why or why not?
  2. Are at home light therapy devices safe? why or why not?
  3. Is laser tattoo removal effective? Why or why not?
  4. Who is best suited for laser tattoo removal?
  5. Is laser tattoo removal painful?
  6. Which is more effective, chemical peels or laser peels?
  7. Who might be a better candidate for a laser peel as opposed to a chemical peel and vice versa?
  8. Which is more commonly used, chemical or laser peels?
  9. What current popular beauty treatments could be advanced further in the future? How will they/might they be advanced?
  10. What do you think will be next big state-of-the-art development in beauty treatment?

Carleen Coulter (Editor Beauty and Fashion Tech)

Please include the number of the question you're responding to in your answer in the comments. Read the rules about responding to press requests first.

Reader Comments (2)

I believe that the home IPL manufacturers may have a market for these devices similar to home peels and home microderm but i question the efficacy of these devices.

05.6 | Unregistered CommenterKJellRun

1- No. There is no science proving they are effective.

2- No. There are no laser or light based devices approved by the FDA for home use, therefore nobody can take it upon themselves to claim they are "safe." Truth is they may be in violation of 21 CFR 1040.10-11, the FDA's rules for lasers and light based devices.

3- Yes. It has been proven effective. With Q-switched Yag, 532nm, or Alexandrite (755nm), the laser targets the chromophores in the ink with minimal damage to surrounding tissue. The effect is non-thermal, and causes a molecular breakup of the ink beneath the skin. This allows the body's natural process of eliminating foreign objects to get rid of the ink. Some colors are more difficult than others to break up- white being the most difficult because it tends to reflect every wavelength, but there are lasers purported by their users to be effective on white as well.

4- The persons best suited for the use of any medical device are always physicians. Best suited doesn't necessarily mean who can legally do it.

5- Laser tattoo removal is almost necessarily painful- some say it is almost as painful as a tattoo, some say slightly more pain. The most common description is like a rubber band being snapped onto your skin. Unlike a tattoo, though, the pain does not linger. You may feel sunburned afterward, but not everyone has the same reaction.

6- They are probably equally effective in terms of treatment, but will have decidedly different side effects. Laser is faster, and easier to recover from when done correctly.

7- I will let a dermatologist answer that question.

8- The question is relative.

9- I believe laser hair and tattoo removal will continue to grow as long as there are humans. Skin tightening may improve, but I don't see it growing in the near future. There are trends, usually when "new technology" is introduced, but none have stood out as universally considered effective. Laser removal of toenail fungus seems very popular right now, but may die down and be relegated to podiatrists soon. Other dermatological procedures have many options other than laser, and their growth in the industry will be determined by how practitioners use the equipment available to them. Laser hair removal and tattoo removal will grow regardless.

10- True cellulite reduction. This is the goal of every major manufacturer right now, and maybe they will soon get it right.

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