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Medical Spas + Student Doctors

Preparing for a future in cosmetic medicine as a medstudent or resident.

Here's a question I received from Josh:

I'm a medical student, and will be graduating med school in 5 weeks. I'm planning on doing a residency in Family Medicine, and I am curious as to what type of training is applicable to medspa's? What procedures should I try and focus on during residency? What can I do to learn more about building a practice after I finish my residency?

First, I'd suggest that any medschool student or resident check out the new community at Uncommon Student MD. We're building Uncommon as a sister site to Freelance MD by to address the specifics of how to control your medical career and lifestyle early on.

Second, I'd suggest that you take advantage of the the community here at Medical Spa MD. You may find a mentor and you can certainly find a lot of information and make some connections with physicians how have been around the cosmetic block.

Does anyone else have some advice for Josh or other medstudents who are looking at cosmetic medicine? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

Reader Comments (4)

Just goes to show that cosmetic medicine is the most hyped specialty these days.

02.16 | Unregistered CommenterHOM

I know your busy. My thought is yes, find a mentor and see if they will let you work a few hours with them a week. or even every other week. There is nothing like hands on experience, or at least watching someone do procedures.Aesthetics is a great way to augment your practice although it takes a very talented doctor to pull it off. I know I used to work for one he was a family practice doc and had a medispa. Only problem was he was greedy, did not take care of his worker bees. and wanted his patients happy but that was so they would give him more bucks. Be careful, examine your motives. The thing about aesthetics is that its fun and a great change of pace from family practice.

02.17 | Unregistered CommenterVicki

I like your post...I am waiting to your next article

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02.18 | Unregistered CommenterJudith

Family Medicine does not really qualify a doctor as a Cosmetic Surgeon. It is too bad that doctors are not being paid enough to practice real medical care. Medicine has turned into a business by the MBA’s who are running our hospitals. So I cannot recommend you advertise as a Cosmetic Surgeon. Injecting Botox and Juvederm in a Spa setting is lucrative for a Family Doc today but I really don't think your mother had that in mind you said that you wanted to be a physician.
This comes from a surgeon who is Board Certified in General Surgery Plastic Surgery, and Hand Surgery who now does only cosmetic work. Thank God my mom has not lived to see me now!

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