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Brotox...Botox For Men? Don't Bet Your Clinic On It.

Brotox Botox for MenYet more stories about men getting Botox... now it's "Brotox", but don't bet your medical spa on your male clientele.

Plumbers and wall street bankers alike are increasingly turning to Botox to turn back the years? There's more on what's touted as a growing population of men that are turning to cosmetic medicine, Botox in particular.

It Britain, they call it the “Simon Cowell” effect. What do Simon Cowell, Gordon Ramsay and David Hasselhoff have in common? They’ve all confessed to having Botox. Turn out, men care about their appearance just as much as women do, they just haven’t wanted to talk about it.

Once relegated to the female population, Botox has gained popularity among men today – particularly those with what are considered “stressful” careers. Dermatologist Dendy Engleman said that Wall Street men are “the fastest growing segment of my patient population,” because they’re looking to smooth out the stress lines caused by the European crisis abroad and weak economy at home. 

Men feel pressured to maintain a more youthful and attractive appearance to compete in the job market. There’s also less of a stigma now for men to turn to cosmetic procedures. Think of it as a continuation of the metrosexual movement. Guys taking charge of their appearance, and owning it.

And it’s not just Botox. Injectable dermal fillers have now become the second most popular nonsurgical treatment for men. Evidently 29% of men get manicures, 24% have facials, and 13% get eyebrow waxing appointments.

Tom Ford and Marc Jacobs have both launched men’s cosmetic lines. With guyliner and murses out there, it’s no real surprise this is a growing trend. 

Most of the above is complete bullshit. 29% of men get manicures? Bullshit. 13% have eybrow waxing? Bullshit.

Don't listen to what you hear in the press about stuff like this. It's written by a twenty something who's just rewriting a press release that's designed to get attention.

My opinion is that the number of males who look at some form of cosmetic medicine is going to vary somewhere around 5-5% of your clinic, a little more in some areas but that's pretty much it. It's generally a waste of time to try to cater to men in the same way that you cater to your female patients unless you're just doing it for some sort of marketing. There may be some growth, but that just represents the growth of the market in general, and since males make up such a small percentage, it's not hard to see those numbers as skewed. Don't take the bait.

And while we're at it, let's take a moment to share a story about my brother-in-law. Last week he had a business meeting out of town. He packed his bags, han an uneventful flight, checked into his hotel and slept well. In the morning, while dressing for his meeting, he realized that the black pants he had packed to wear with his black suit jacket were actually, his wife's skinny black pants. Ever the problem solver, he decided to give them a quick try on anyway. Surprisingly, they fit... poorly, but still. He even claims they perfectly matched his suit jacket. So, the point I make, perhaps I'm wrong.

Reader Comments (2)

Yes I have heard about this elusive male cosmetic patient for years now yet he never really materializes.
I believed that as a male injector in a medical office that is not spa like ( no real frills like waterfalls candles soothing music etc ) that men would feel comfortable in this setting, I even had male only evenings on Tuesdays.
THe demand simply isn't there, I have several men who make Botox and filler appointments on a schedule but for the most part the men get dragged into the office by their wife and really are not into it. In fact may state they like their lines.

I have a close friend who is a retired plastic surgeon who now produces cosmetics and he dropped the mens line due to lack of real sales.

10.18 | Unregistered Commentergm

LOL at this awesome post. Thanks for writing!
I have a cosmetic clinic in inner city Sydney which specialises in btx, dermal fillers and laser. I reviewed my patients a decade ago in my first few years of business and found that 15% of my patient group were male.
Recently, and a decade after that first review, I reviewed my patient numbers again and found the same percentage of males, ie 15%.
I have read all of these press releases for years, too, and I found it interesting also, that although I started with a larger percentage of males than the average clinic, there was no increase in proportion of males compared to females over a decade in my clinic.
We also did a questionaire at the time of the second review, and among many other questions, asked patients "are you gay / straight /other? Interestingly the results were that exactly half of the responders in my male patient group identified as gay and half identified as straight.

10.20 | Registered CommenterDr Naomi

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