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The Effects OF Human Growth Hormone In Men Over 60 Years Old

The familiar signs of aging are under attack from the medical community. Studies like this one suggest that most, if not all, patients can benefit from hormonal balancing.

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Can We Prevent Aging?

Longevity research has revealed one proven anti-aging method to slow aging and extend lifespan in mammals: caloric restriction of a nutrient-rich diet. Longevity research has demonstrated this to work in rats and mice, and it is now being studied in monkeys. While no anti-aging therapies have been shown to retard aging, there is a body of scientific evidence suggesting that they have this ability.

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Methuselah - The M Prize

The Methuselah Mouse Prize is the premiere effort of The Methuselah Foundation; a scientific competition designed to draw attention to the ability of new technologies to slow and even reverse the damage of the aging process.

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Molecular & Cellular Aging

Cells lose their ability to divide over time unless they become cancerous. This limit to cellular replicative capacity (Hayflick's limit or phenomenon) can be demonstrated in fibroblasts removed from the umbilical cord of newborns and cultured in vitro. The fibroblasts divide only until they are dense enough to contact each other--a phenomenon called contact inhibition. If diluted, the fibroblasts divide again until maximum density is reached. Studies have shown that the loss of replicative capacity does not depend on the total amount of time cells are cultured (chronologic age) but on the number of divisions (biologic age).

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Theories Of Aging

There are more theories of aging than facts. Aging clearly occurs at different rates for different species, and even within a species, aging occurs at different rates among different individuals. The only reasonable conclusion is that aging must be genetically controlled, at least to some extent. Both within and between species, lifestyle and exposures may alter the aging process.

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Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy

Natural hormone replacement therapy (NHRT) is a misnomer. Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BNRT) is the proper term. This article explains the important differences and why you should use Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy.

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Med Spa? Finding A Non-Surgical Specialist

There are many medical anti-aging options available today, but most are less effective and more time consuming than the newest batch of non-invasive cosmetic medicine. With the popularity of these treatments skyrocketing, it may not be difficult to find a service provider. Before booking an appointment, remember, this is a medical procedure. Taking the time to locate a qualified practitioner within a medical spa ensures your safety and satisfaction.

Use the following tips to select your provider:

1. Opt for a consultation before booking any treatment. Use this opportunity to check out the medical spa's physicians and staff.

2. Pay attention to your comfort level with the staff and level of customer service provided. Are your questions and concerns addressed to your satisfaction? Are you treated warmly and with respect? It is important that you feel comfortable and trust your provider.

3. Inquire if a physician is always present in the facility and sees every patient before they are treated. State laws (as well as medical ethics) require that a medical doctor physically be on site to monitor laser or medical treatments. If there is not a physician on-site, they are breaking the law and putting their patients at risk.

4. Determine the specialty of the staff physicians. Physicians who specializes only in non-surgical / non-invasive medicine, is preferable to a general dermatologist or plastic surgeon, for example. Many doctors are buying a piece of technology, taking an hour long class, and branding themselves an expert. Look around. If the clinic is run by a plastic surgeon, how can he specialize in non-surgical treatments?

5. Ask how many different medical devices they have. If the answer is just one or two, they aren’t really specializing in non-invasive medicine and are probably an “add-on” clinic. Look for a clinic that has multiple devices of different types.

6. Make sure that your skin type is accurately determined if you’re having a laser or IPL treatment. If your skin type is determined with a questionnaire, go elsewhere. Questionnaires have been determined to be inaccurate 70% of the time. The best clinics use a special “skin-type” meter (spectrophotometer) to scientifically determine exactly how much melanin is in the treatment area.

7. Discuss any issues for your skin type that may arise during treatment. You'll want to know side effects to expect, or if a specific piece of equipment is best suited for you. A knowledgeable professional is willing to discuss your concerns, and is familiar with options.

The key to finding the right provider is to actively research your options, and voice your needs. You want to only work with a specialized medical practice; one that addresses your concerns and welcomes your questions. Managing your treatment will improve the level of care you receive, and your satisfaction with the procedure's results.

By Catherine Hayes (MedSpa.Com)

Face Lifts: Surgical vs. Non-Surgical

The aging process has an effect on our skin tone and overall appearance. Over time, the skin looses elasticity and begins to drape. Lines form between the nose and the mouth, as well as the eyes. Jaw lines become droopy and fatty deposits can form. While no procedure can reverse the aging process, there are surgical and non-surgical methods for addressing the toll it takes on your skin.

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