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There have been a tremendous number of changes to Medical Spa MD over the last years. Certainly there will be more. In fact, there are some rather large changes coming.

When I started Medspa MD it was to build a platform from which to recruit physicians as I grew the number of clinics I was running. Almost immediately the site became a platfrom on which doctors started to exchange infomation with each other. As thos of you who have been part of our community can attest, this didn't fare well for a number of IPL and laser companies as well as certain medical spa franchises. (I'm still waiting for the medical spa franchise model I like.)

But I digress.

Medical Spa MD has gone through a number of changes; from a blog to a community, and now there are some additional changes in the works that will grow this site into what is effectively a portal.

In the past week I've had telephone calls with; three plastic surgery and dermatology 'patient community' web sites, a medical association, a medical services company, and I've got a phone call this week with a large asthetic medical trade show and event organizer. There seems to be more than a little interest in what's gong on.

There are a number of capabilities of this site that have been introduced and will shortly be turned on including:

  • Membership Login that will give you access to specific, non-public areas.
  • You'll be able to subscribe to individual pages and have updates delivered to your email whenever there's new content.
  • The Select Partner will launch and Members will be able to see discounted products and services that aren't available to the general physician population.
  • A Medical Spa Directory is being built that will allow patients to find Members that are closest to the.
  • Listings will be enabled that will allow individual physicians to answer questions, link to their site, have a medial spa specific blog, before and after galleries, email contatacts and form building and submission.
  • Before and after treatment galleries for individual technologies like Thermage, Fraxel, Portrait, IPL, CO2 Laser Ablation, etc. (Perhaps we'll break that down into technology companies like Palomar, Cutera, and Alma.)
  • Patient Memberships will be enabled that provide patient-centric content. (Perhaps they'll be able to recieve treatment informaton from local medspas.)

We'll that's a top-of-the-head list. I'm sure I've missed something but it's late.

Medical Spa MD: Membership Downloads

Ahem... If you've been around Medspa MD for a while you'll have noticed some recent changes in the way things look and how some areas work. The forums have a new look and usability and (finally) when you click on a link to the right you'll be taken directly to that comment. (whew...)

Of even grater import is that Medical Spa MD Members will be recieveing the first of what I hope to be a long list of benefits for joining the site. (Join Medical Spa MD here.)

All Medical Spa MD Members will be recieving Medspa MD files using a new communication platform called Sendside.

While I haven't decided specifically what files to send, I'm leaning towards examples of patient admittance forms or esthetician / laser technician employee handbooks. (If you've got a thought feel free to leave it as a comment.)

These first downloads will be free. In the future that may not be the case so count yourselves among the lucky.

If you're a Medical Spa MD Member, accepting this Sendside invitation will allow you to immediately download the content and also provide you with a free Sendside account that you can use for free. I'll certainly be delving into Sendside in more depth but suffice it to say, you'll want to join.

One of the neater features that Sendside offers is the ability to control and restrict content. In fact, I'm embedding a video below that gives a greater overview of Sendside's capabilities and feature set.

So, if you haven't already joined Medical Spa MD... do it now, and make sure that you accept your Sendside invitation when it arrives.

(Note: All future members will recieve these files as well on something around a bi-weekly or monthly basis.)

If you haven't joined the more than 2000 Medical Spa MD Members already... do it now.