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Medical Spa MD Certified Partners

Buy from a Medical Spa MD Certified laser company with confidence.

When you buy your next laser or IPL from a Medical Spa MD Certified Partner, you know that you're dealing with an organization who has agreed to meet our high standards, and that their continued inclusion in our program relies on treating Members with transparency and honesty. All Medical Spa MD Certified Partners have agreed to our 7 point guarantee.

As a Member, If you purchase from a Medical Spa MD Certified Partner who does not meet our standards and our 7 Point Member Guarantee, you can contact us directly and we will intercede on your behalf. If we determine that a Member has been treated unfairly or that there has been a violation of our values, we will revoke that companies privileges and access to the program, and we will list publicly list that company as a business that we will no longer work with. 

Click here if you are a Medical Spa MD Member who has purchased a cosmetic device from a Certified Partner and have an issue or complaint.

Our 7 Point Member Guarantee

Every Medical Spa MD Certified Laser Seller has agreeded that they will:

  1. Follow our Terms & Conditions and our Code Of Ethics
    You can read them here.
  2. Transparent Listing Prices
    Any product listed on our site will be available at that price. There will never be any "bait and switch" tactics of listing of products that are not under the control of the listing company.
  3. Lowest Price
    Certified Partners agree that the price you see on Medical Spa MD is the lowest price for that item on their own site or anywhere else.
  4. Awesome Service
    Certified Partners agree that they will provide Medical Spa MD Members with their highest level of service at all times.
  5. Public Reviews Of Every Transaction
    Certified Partners agree that after every purchase they will use a verified third-party system to send you a request for a public review of their service on their Google business listing page.
  6. Dispute Resolution
    When you deal with a Certified Partner as a Member, you may open a complaint. W will contact the Partner on your behalf and attempt to resolve the issue. If we find that the Partner has violated our terms, we may take additional actions including removing the member from the Certified Partner Program.
  7. Member Only Benefits

    Certified Partners agree to provide free, special benefits, upgrades, price reductions, and/or perks to every identified Medical Spa MD Member purchasing a laser or service.

    You must identify yourself as Medical Spa MD Members to recieve these benefits.



Benefits For Medical Spa MD Members

If you're a current Medical Spa MD Member on our mailing list, here's what you can expect from every Certified Partner

Note: You must identify yourself as a Medical Spa MD Member during your first contact with a Partner to ensure that you gain these benefits.

Here's what you get when buying a laser or IPL from a Certified Partner.

1. Honesty & Integrity - Partners Follow our Terms and Conditions and Code of Ethics
You can expect Certified Partners to treat you ethically and honestly, and follow our Terms and Conditions. You can expect that any representation that is made to you on our site, on the vendors site, or verbally by the vendor will be honored in full.

2. Transparent Listing Prices
Partners will list the price of the laser or IPL. No more "call for pricing" cosmetic laser listings for lasers they don't have in order to bait-and-switch you from the laser you want. Partners are only allowed to list IPL or lasers that they have direct and immediate control of, including laser they may have on consignment.

3. The Lowest Price Anywhere
Partners must list all of their inventory on our site at the lowest price they advertise or promote anywhere, including by email. Partners are not allowed to advertise any lasers, IPLs or other products that they do not have control over. (No more bait-and-switch.)

4. Awesome Customer Service
As a Certified Partner our Members know that if there's a problem or issue, that they can complain directly to us and we'll act to try and remedy the issue. That builds a sense of trust and lowers the risk of buying from you. The result? You move more inventory and have happier clients.

5. Public Reviews For Every Transaction
Certified Partners must use a third-party review system to send you a request and allow you to review every transaction and post it publicly to their Google or Facebook company page.

6. Dispute Resolution
If a Partner does not meet any of these standards or you feel that you have not been treated fairly, you can contact us directly and we will intercede with the vendor on your behalf. If we determine the vendor has violated any of our 7 Point Member Guarantee, we may take additional actions including publicizing the issue and/or banning the vendor.

7. Member Only Benefits
Partners must provide some additional, significant benefit to Medical Spa MD Members that is not available to any other buyers. This benefit should be presented to Members immediately when they identify themselves as Members.



What should I do if I feel like a Certified Partner is treating me unfairly or violating the Certified Guarantee?

First, contact the vendor about the issue. All of our Select Partners are very aware of identifying Medical Spa MD Members and will usually bend over backwards to try and remedy the situation.

If you're still not satisfied, you can contact us directly using the form at the top of this page. We will collect your information and contact the vendor directly to investigate what happened. You may be contacted for additional information. If we determine that the vendor has acted dishonestly, unethically, or violated our Certified Partner Agreement we will take any number of actions up to and including publicly disclosing the issue and banning the vendor from the program and site.

What happens after I file an issue?

The first thing we'll do is collect some additional information from you by email or phone to try and determine the order of events and what happened. You may be asked to forward emails or detail phone conversations. We will then contact the Certified Partner on your behalf to tell them that we're involved and to get their side of the story. (Note: They should already be aware of the issue since you should have contacted them first.)

We will essentially conduct our own investigation to determine if there was a violation of our terms or 7 point guarantee, or if the vendor acted unethically. If we determine that the vendor is at fault we will work with all parties to attempt to resolve the issue to the Members satisfaction.

If we determine that the vendor acted intentionally to violate their agreement with us as a Certified Partner we will take additional actions that may include publicly disclosing the issue or incident, notifying our Members, and removing the vendor from our Certified Program. 

Do you guarantee that I'll be happy with the outcome?

No. You may be a jerk. However, if you're somewhat reasonable we will work hard to come to the best resolution we can for you.

Why is this program needed?

While this program can't guarantee that nothing bad will ever happen, this program goes a long way to cleaning up the used laser market and gives you (if you're a current Member) much more serious remedies and security when you're buying a used laser or IPL. It also begins to hold laser sellers more accountable since we will actively be looking to publicize and identify cosmetic laser resellers who do not act ethically or engage in shady business practices.

We aim to make every purchase transparent and ethical for our Members.

Why do laser sellers want to be a Certified Partner?

They want the increased sales from our Members, and they're also concerned about the damage that unethical vendors do to their own reputations and the entire industry.

What types of businesses can be a Certified Partner?

Any business that sells cosmetic lasers, IPLs and medical devices to our target market - physicians practicing nonsurgical cosmetic medicine worldwide - can apply to be come a Certified Partner if they agree to abide by our terms, our 7 point guarantee, and what special benefits they will provide to Members. Applicants are then vetted by us to determine if they should be added as a Certified Partner and can display the Medical Spa MD Certified Partner Seal.

We will only work with vendors who have both the intent and the resources to provide high quality services to our Members.

Note: Other businesses may apply to be a Select Partner but only cosmetic laser and IPL vendors may be "Certified" and list their inventory on our site or display the certified seal on their own site.


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