23 Patient Email Templates Every Cosmetic Medical Practice Needs (Free)


23 Patient Email Templates Every Cosmetic Medical Practice Needs (Free)


Get better results using these email templates.

Email is a kick-ass tool that most clinics use poorly or not at all. This free guide provides 23 emails for every purpose that drive action and conversions and help you improve every communication.



How to use these emails

These email templates are the result of over 15 years of experience (sending hundreds of thousands of emails) across all types of businesses and medical practices. They’re designed as a “starting point” and allow you customize them to your individual needs and use cases, while keeping an authentic ‘voice’. These aren’t just templates, they’re training for you to improve your overall communication.

To use this guide, you should read through all of the emails. You’ll immediately notice that they’re not as ‘formal’ or business-like as what you may have expected. They’re personal and informal. There’s a simple – a very simple – reason for that. They work a lot better. They get opened more, they are read more, they are responded to more, and people take actions based on them more often. That’s the point after all. People buy from people that they know, like and trust. Your job is to be a good friend, not a business.

Adapt these emails to your style. Decide on your ‘signature’ signoff. Go with something friendly and engaging like “Cheers” or something more formal like “Warm regards”, but make it friendly. The more personal the better. The same thing with subject lines and body copy. Feel free to modify it to fit your needs, but write it like you’re writing to someone you already know. 

Don’t obsess with grammar or punctuation. It makes you more human if there’s an occasional dangling participle. DO obsess with spelling. Misspellings make you look sloppy and undisciplined.

To really take advantage of email patient marketing, software is your friend. We’ve negotiated a special offer for you from ConvertKit, the email system we use ourselves.

Happy emailing,