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Share your thoughts, opinions and clinical knowledge with hundreds of thousands of physicians practicing nonsurgical cosmetic medicine around the world.

Medical Spa MD is a community of physicians practicing nonsurgical cosmetic medicine. You have the opportunity to reach this influential audience by submitting a guest post.

We're actively looking for clinicians who have something to say about areas of interest to our members. We accept guest post from clinicians (and sometimes others) who want to share their thoughts, opinions, and clinical expertise while building their reach, name recognition and personal or business brand.

Accepted posts will be published on the blog with author attribution and link(s) to your site/product/service, syndicated on our social networks, and emailed to thousands of subscribers. You'll also have an opportunity to become a regular contributor to Medical Spa MD.

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We Love To Publish:

  • Great articles of about 500 - 800 words in length and free of grammatical and spelling errors.
  • Original content written exclusively for Medical Spa MD. 
  • Articles of interest to clinicians practicing cosmetic medicine and that have value for that audience.
  • We attribute and link to all guest post authors. 

We Won't Publish:

  • Patient content (this site is for clinicians), press releases, article spam or other BS nonsense.
  • Shameless self promotion of your company, product, or yourself. Self-promotion doesn't go over well with our audience and you'll just get flamed.
  • General information that everyone already knows and doesn't care about.

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Writing Guidelines + Example Topics

Everyone knows something that others want or need to know. Most physicians want to start by writing broad, sweeping articles that cover a lot of ground. Those are just boring beyond belief. Everyone already knows that you need to use the internet, that patient service and referrals are key to success, and that you need to make smart decisions. Don't write something like that. It's boring and nobody cares. No one is searching for that drivel.

Instead, write something hyper-specific that is really valuable if you need that info. Clean your IPL or laser hand pieces regularly is useless and boring. The step-by-step procedure that keeps your hand pieces as good as new is intensely interesting to anyone with an IPL. Write something that you know, feel, or think that almost no one else knows, or agrees with. What do you know now that you wish you knew a year ago? Write about that.

  1. Emphasis on actionable - We want our readers to learn about something and then able to do it! A sandwich has bread and filling, but how do we put it together, what kind of bread do we buy and where to we get the good deals to make it with?
  2. Quality, Quality Quality - Our posts are long, thorough and complete guides - not 700 word snippets on theory. That’s lame. We don’t want to hear about how good your grilled cheese sammy is, we want to know how to make it.
  3. Links - If you did research, which we hope you did, cite your source by linking to it. We wanna click on a link to find the best sandwich.
  4. Word count: 1K-7K. We wanna know allllll about that sandwich.

Here are some ideas to get you started with a guest post:

  • Very, very specific topics about how you do something: prevent embezzling by your staff, clean your IPL heads, conduct interviews, perform consultations, organize your tray, market your clinic, or anything else that you do that is unique and others may learn from.
  • Clinical How To's: What gauge needle you use for a specific treatment, filler techniques around the vermilion border, skin care recommendations after IPL, sclerotherapy injection points...
  • Reviews: What is your opinion, experience, or review of  a technology, manufacturer, software, treatment, training, organization, conference, society, or company?
  • Specific marketing tactics that work, or don't work. Everyone want's more butts in seats.
  • Clinic operations that help clinics run smoother.
  • Studies you've read that are of interest. Conferences you've attended and what you thought. Conversations with your peers.
  • Stories always work: Tell stories about your experiences. 
  • Respond publicly to a question you received.
  • The legalities of cosmetic medicine, oversight, malpractice, license where you are?
  • What do you know that others don't?

Good luck. We look forward to working with you.

Susan Deguide MD
I found Medical Spa MD several months ago and immediately added it to my “Favorites” list. I check the site several times a week to look through the new posts. I enjoy learning about new technology, expanding my knowledge of the technology I already own, and knowing that I’m giving the best available care. I would not buy a new piece of equipment now without first consulting Medspa MD.
— Susan J. DeGuide MD, Inovamed, Rockford IL
Paula Young RN
To really know what’s going on in the aesthetic business you MUST join Medical Spa MD! Nowhere else can you find the information crucial to your success in this ever changing arena, from the forum discussions to real equipment reviews by aesthetic professionals. I especially value the articles on marketing and the community discussions on therapy management like melasma, fillers, laser lipolysis, and skin resurfacing. Medspa MD keeps me on my toes as a medspa and laser clinic owner, marketer, and nurse!