Medical Spa Direct Mail & Postcards.

Medical Spas using direct mail or postcards do so usually in a number of ways:

1. They send reminder to their existing patients. For example, if a patient is late and needs a botox treatment.
2. Soliciting new business.

I've run various programs to determine how effective direct mail is in soliciting new medical business, and what type of solicitation works the best. One thing is I can absolutely tell you is that poorly designed mailers do not work at all. 

The average response for direct mail of any kind (meaning any action taken by the reciepient) for a typical mailing is about 1%. That means if you send out 100 postcards you will expect to have one redeemed, returned, or the call to action used.

Surface has sent mailings with a response rate  as high as 11%, which is more than 1000% increase over what the typical direct mail receives.

What I personally have learned is that:

1. You must know exactly who your target audience is, addresses or bulk mailing that say to recipient or homeowner are not terribly effective and a waste of the opportunity cost for that marketing dollar.
2. Whoever your target audience is has to be addressed specifically by your mailing.
3. You call to action has to be very, very specific and the printing quality and presentation has to be high.

We do not do any general mailings. We only do special announcements that are designed to have a very low opportunity cost to the potential patient. We ask them to visit our website, or we ask them to attend the seminar, or we ask them to think about something and not take any direct action.

We use Modern Postcard and they have been very professional and produce acceptable quality gang printing.