Aestheticians And The Doctors Who Love/Hate Them, Part 2.

I first posted here about Estheticians and the doctors who love + hate them.

Since that first post I've received some negative comments from estheticians who think that they're a pleasure to work with.  You can read a thread of esthetician comments on medical spas and physicians here.  While they blast me as having a bone to pick, you'll notice that twice during the thread doctors are referred to as 'greedy bastards'. 

If anyone's still unaware, embezzlement is the number one problem in medical clinics.

Here are some memorable quotes: 

blockquote.gif Well said, Nondy!! I have never worked with a doctor as an esthetician but worked with plenty of them as a nurse for 25 yrs. and yes, they are greedy bastards!  This is why I don't believe anything negative they print about our profession, our products or our equipment not being up to standards.  They just want all the business streamlined to them and will stomp on reputable esties to get it.

blockquote.gifI will say not ALL docs fall into this category. It's just precious few, I have found, williing to think outside of the box and give credit where credit is due... Overall though, I found the article to be offensive.

blockquote.gif The esty's were paid low hourly wages with no tips... If I go back to the treatment side, I think I'd prefer spa/resort and a percentage of the services/sales over my experience in medical.