How 2017 Data Will Help Your Medical Spa 2018

Reviews will remain a paramount factor in Google rankings, and that holds true thanks to a study conducted by different SEO websites, Moz and Local SEO Guide. It should remain as your priority in gaining a new audience, since reputation management is also important for any business, and Google My Business is one of the methods that will help put you on the map. Your medical spa will greatly benefit from reviews, if you and your staff know how to utilize reviews well for ranking and visibility.

Google My Business

Google My Business (GMB) holds a huge weight in the ranking of you medical spa. Original, authentic, and legitimate content, such as reviews could help raise your ranking better and would give you better visibility. Google is the most used search engine, and while you have many competitors, it still is your best chance of being discovered by potential patients.

What if you do not have a Google My Business

In ‘claiming’ your GMB, you need to remember these things, one you must update all the relevant information regarding your medical spa or aesthetic practice. These include: times and days open, a link to your website and your appointment page, the exact location of your medical spa or practice based on Google maps, and photos.

Reputation management should be a necessity for all medical practices if physicians aim to be searchable and seen by prospective patients in their area. It will take time to rank in Google, especially in the first year. This is why alongside a reputation management strategy, you need a consistent SEO strategy for your medical spa or aesthetic practice, to ensure that you will remain on Google’s rankings.

It is much better to rank in Google organically, because apparently according to experts choosing to go for paid will not help as much. This is why you will need to ask for reviews from patients regularly. You can give them a piece of paper or card, you may email them (making sure that no PHI is in the email), or you may send them a text.

What if it’s a multi-practice or a part of it?

If you are in or part of a multi-practice, create pages for all locations. Make sure it’s not duplicate content, as such, indicate the different locations for other pages. For example, Aesthetic Practice New York, Aesthetic Practice Los Angeles. Make sure to have complete information across all locations.

Should I have a personal Google My Business page?

What you are referring to is a Google+. Your medical spa or aesthetic practice could have your own Google+ also, but your individual Google+ should only be meant for social media. You will need the Location Page for your Google My Business, so that it would help you be recognized when patients search your area. A Brand Page of a Google My Business acts more as a page for patients to follow and like posts for.

It is important to discover the importance of having a Google My Business. In this sense, you will be more known by patients. As part of your Local SEO strategy, be listed. Experts recommend you start ranking or focusing locally, so it could be easier for you to be recognized by new patients. Always have a consistent strategy all throughout.