Face Lifts For Smokers.


A new study suggests that cosmetic surgery could help a patient quit smoking long term. Most surgeons in North America suggest a cessation period of 2 weeks before surgery. However, it was found in previous studies that those who ceased smoking 4 weeks prior showed lesser rate of complications. Nineteen (19) percent of patients in their research attained complications. A follow-up was made by the researchers stating that only 10 of their patients have not smoked since their surgery.

Previous studies also delved in cosmetic or plastic surgery and smoking cessation.

In a study conducted earlier in the year found that there were postoperative complications as expected. The study was on a larger scale examining more than 40000 patients. However, among the 40425 patients in their study, 15.7% were smokers. Additionally the researchers of the study found that smoking had an effect as to where the procedure had been done.


  • 3376 (8.4%) patients incurred postoperative complications
  • 732 (1.8%) patients had medical related complications
  • 1611 (4.0%) patients had wound related complications

There were surgical complications for patients who underwent breast reconstruction, craniofacial/head and neck, and upper and lower extremities. Wound-related complications were found for craniofacial/head and neck and upper lower extremities patients.

E-cigarettes are no exception either since it contains nicotine. In 2016, a study focused on the use of e-cigarettes and if it has lesser detriments as compared to regular cigarettes. The effects weren’t as severe, but it did not eliminate the incidence of complications.

Additionally, according to many plastic surgeons, they have a smoking cessation session prior to surgery. Despite some efforts to do so, several patients had also reported smoking before their surgical procedure. It is unclear whether cessation intervention helped the patient quit smoking prior and after surgery.