Medical Spa MD selects Sendside Networks as it's exclusive member & customer communication platform.

Medical Spa MD today announced that it has selected Sendside Networks as it's exclusive member communication platform. A secure replacement to email, Sendside offers a 1:1 secure sales communication platform that offers high touch interactive messaging and real-time reporting and control  for mission-critical communications in a secure environment.

"Sendside is the only solution that addresses our need to communicate easily but still allows us to protect confidential information," said Jeff Barson, Editor of Medical Spa MD.

"Unlike any other technology, Sendside gives us the ability to send interactive tabbed messages that allow recipients to fill out forms and actually make purchases 'inside' the message, without being redirected to an external link from an email. This gives us the ability to actually send the entire Medical Spa MD site directly through a message while retaining control and accessing all of Sendside's analytics and real time reporting.

For the first time we can see exactly who has read a message, downloaded and attachment, or forwarded a message to a collegue, providing us with an inside look at what a recipient is doing and offering a perfect opportunity of knowing when to send follow-up information.

The cost to create and send this type of content would be cost prohibitive using any other solution.

Best of all, it's free for the recipient and as easy to use as web based email."

Medical Spa MD is currently using Sendside to communicate with thousands of plastic surgeons, dermatologist, and cosmetic physician members around the world.

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Utah-based Sendside® Networks, Inc. has developed Sendside—the 1 to 1 Sales Communication Platform that provides organizations a secure, interactive communications channel directly to their customers, prospective customers, clients and investors. Sendside combines secure, interactive messaging with file delivery, interactive forms, e-signatures, payments, and secure storage into a comprehensive communication and interaction platform unlike anything on the market today. Sendside currently has fifteen U.S. Patents pending including Sendside Markup Language (SML), Behavior-based Messaging (BBM), Multi-dimensional Messaging (MDM), Sendside eSign, on demand messaging, embedded payments and acknowledgement.


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