New Discussion Areas: Medical Spa Physicians & Business Q&A

caduceus.gifWe have decided that we are going to split the Physician to Physician discussion area due to the number of threads that are ongoing. The information being posted is terrific but much of it is not organized and needs to be sifted through. In order to provide the most comprehensive information that is relevant to our users, we're dividing the area into:

Physician to Physician Q&A: This area will be reserved for medical care professionals to discuss "medical" questions. Medical technology, results, training, etc. Non-medical users are welcome to read and post but please respect guidelines and keep this area for medical questions and answers.

Medical Spa Business Q&A: These threads are for the discussion of business related to medical spas. Staffing, medical oversight, business operations and design etc.

We think that the creation of separate areas of discussion will benefit our users by allowing some sort of sorting mechanism. If you have any suggestions or comments, please feel free to contact us here.