Autologous Fat Injections and Fat Transfer

Advantages of Fat Injections:

Autologous fat injections and fat transfer or terms used to define injectable soft -tissue augmentation using your own body fat. In the past, fat was used in large volumes in conjunction with surgical procedures.  However, today, that is most often used on its own as an outpatient procedure to restore a natural looking appearance to the face, back at the hands, and the but. Its well-liked for treating contour defects like ice pick scars.

There are many advantages to using your own fat, there's no risk of allergy, your body won't reject the fat and despite how natural some filler still when injected, clearly nothing is more natural than your own body's tissue. In the past, fat had a poor track record. Many patients experienced several weeks or more of swelling orbruising after fat transfer,  and the fat had a failure rate that was unacceptably high. The reason for the high failure rate had to do with the way the fat was injected. When  injected in a large volume, fat cells in the middle of the mass received inadequate blood supply and die.

But with refined techniques in the harvesting in injecting of the fat, the success rate has climbed dramatically. Fat injections are considered permanent, although some of the fat will diminish to a degree over time, just as it would naturally, the results can be dramatic.

Autologous fat transfer can be a time-consuming procedure.  Harvesting the fat, needs to be done carefully to achieve a good result.  The increase in physician time usually offsets the cost savings from using a quote "free" injectable.