Why Is The Best Sunscreen Blocked By The FDA?

"But even though dermatologists say Mexoryl is the best, you cannot legally buy it in the United States. It's illegal, because the Food and Drug Administration won't approve it. They won't even say why. The FDA is charged with making sure no drug is sold unless the government is convinced it's safe and effective. Dermatologists think it's just stuck in the bureaucracy. It routinely takes 12 to 15 years for a drug to get approval . . .

. . . But is there no common sense here? All drugs have risks as well as benefits. Mexoryl has been in use in other countries for 13 years. It's passed many safety tests. Why won't our FDA even talk about it?

Everyone is always telling us, protect yourself from the sun, but then the government won't give us permission to have the best sunscreen?"

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