Advanced & Laser In Your Med Spa Name

If the number of medical spas  without the words "advanced" or "laser" in their names is less than 60%, I'll eat my left foot.

Naming is some thing that has value. It's also something that I hold near to my heart. There's power in the right name.

Before you tie yourself to a name that's as inane and generic. Take a moment, a month, or whatever it takes to come up with a good name.  I once had a physician with five locations ask me in all earnestness whether changing the name from "... Advanced Medical Group"  to "... Advanced Medical Clinics" would generate more business.

There's a plethora of  semi-bland and cliche names around. How many Skin Deep's and Light Touch's  do we need after all.  ( I think they make up another 30%)

The worst name I've ever come across.
Elegant Skin

The worst name possible:
The Advanced Light Touch Laser Group

If you have a worse name than that one I'd like to hear it.