5 Valuable Services Your Medical Spa Doesn't Know About

5 Valuable Services Most Medspas Don't Use.

Iwas involved from the beginning of Medical Spas Online.com. Since we didn't really have any money to waste, I found a number of ultra-valuable resources that very few businesses that I know have ever had the benefit of even trying, let alone using day after day.

I decided today to list and describe the five most valuable services that I absolutely love and use daily. As your business grows, you should plan to invest in some or all of these services in order to improve your efficiency, and maximize your business potential. Used appropriately, these services can and give a company a tremendous competitive advantage over companies that aren't using them. But most of all, these services are just good business.

1 :: GotVMail Communications I have to start with GotVMail. Starting at $10 a month, GotVMail is a virtual PBX phone system designed for small businesses that works perfectly. It can be customized for 1 employee or 30, and can be used anywhere, with any phone, and instantly administered online. There are no long-term contracts to sign, and no hardware or software to purchase. Having purchased a number of PBX systems that start at around $3000 each, GotVMail is a huge bargain and has worked seamlessly. I've even switched one business over to GotVMail that has a perfectly good PBX system to take advantage of some of the features GotVMail provides. I just wish they had an easier name to type.

Features include a unique 800 toll free or local number, voicemail, multiple mailboxes, custom greetings, music-on-hold, live call forwarding, and other professional virtual office features including professional call-on-hold and receiption greetings that sound fantastic.

2 :: Constant Contact If you're not using an email service to contact and inform your existing clients... well, you should be. Constant Contact offers a 60 Day Free Trial I switched to Constant Contact from another provider after hearing rave reviews about them at a networking conference. Constant Contact lets someone without any real programming or HTML skill put together a fairly slick looking email campaign without any hassles. All the hard work is taken care of for you. I regularly have on of the office staff take an hour and send an email to our existing clientiele.

3 :: CallWave I can't really remember life before CallWave. While I use all three of their features the one I think really stands out for businesses is their Fax to Email feature.CallWave Fax to Email is another can't miss feature that lets you receive faxes through your email. (They're converted to PDF's that are sent as an attatchment.) I've found this feature to be invaluable since I never loose or misplace a fax. I have a filter set up on my inbox that forwards all faxes to a "fax" folder so that I never loose them and can email or print them whenever I need. eFax is another service that delivers faxes right to your email inbox that you can try for free. I don't use eFax but have had it recommend to me on a number of occasions so it's worth checking out. RapidFax's Fax to Email service is a third possibility. You can make you're own decision about which you like better but you'll definately want to use one the three.

4 :: GoToMyPC is my favorite service in the world. The ability to log on to a computer remotely changed the way that I and my staff do everything. For business owners, GoToMyPC could be the most valuable tool that I am reviewing today. So make this the first service you plan to become a fanatical user of. Since I'm a business with multiple locations, I can use this service to access any of my locations and work on that computer as if I were sitting in front of it. Our physicians use it to check their appointments for the next day. And it's easy, easy, easy.

5 :: Vonage Voice Over IP If you're running a business and you haven't already switched to VOIP, do it sooner rather than later. With VOIP, you connect your telephone to your high-speed Internet connection using the Vonage phone adapter that we send you. Pick up the phone, and use it just like you do today. You can be up and running within minutes of receiving your Vonage phone adapter. When you pick up the phone, the Vonage phone adapter converts your voice into data and sends it through the Internet like an email. Our network sends the call where you want it and translates it back into voice. When the person you're calling picks up the phone, it sounds just the same as any other call. When someone calls you, they dial your number, your phone rings, and all you have to do is pick up and answer it. The only difference is lower phone bills. So what are you waiting for? Sign up and start saving today.