Anonymous posts lack credibility: Please enter your medical spas web site.

balloon_about.gifIn most settings and especially on the web, anonymity is safety. But, anonymous posts lack any real credibility because there's no accountability.

There are comments on this site from MD, AestheticRN and others that are anonymous.

54px-Speech_balloon.svg.pngMD recently touted Cutera as being 'the best'. Is MD a Cutera rep planting info? Does he train for Cutera? We'll never know. (Unless he comments again here.)

Please comment on anything you wish. We love comments. We encourage comments. Just link to your site so that we can weight the credibility of your thoughts. 

Note: Posts that 'flame' anyone commenting on this site or indulge in personal attacks or harsh criticism of a point of view will be removed almost immediately. This site is for sharing information. Put some weight behind your comments.