Science debunks bloodsuckers as a statistical impossibility.

Orlock.jpgVia Wired: Science Nips at Vampire Myths

Do vampires exist? Efthimiou, a professor at the University of Central Florida, points to surveys that show American gullibility for the supernatural, and he doesn't like it.

Using his calculator, Efthimiou proves that if a vampire sucked one person's blood each month -- turning each victim into an equally hungry vampire -- after a couple of years there would be no people left, just vampires. He started his calculations with just one vampire and 537 million humans on Jan. 1, 1600 and shows that the human population would be down to zero by July 1602.

What a crock. Everyone who's ever seen Bram Stokers Dracula knows that not everyone who's bitten turns into a bloodsucker. Most of them are just drained and left for dead.

Sounds like an undead coverup to me.