Medical Spas Online hits 5000... So where's the beef?

It's something of a surprise to see that Medical Spas Online now has more than 5000 unique monthly visitors. I feel somewhat remiss in that I haven't been posting as regularly as I might. While I'm not big on excuses, here's what's been going on and a few things in the pipe.

  • Surface inked a deal with a VC firm that's resulted in the creation of a new company, Surface SE (South East). This new company is headquartered in Nashville where the first SurfaceSE Beta site is about to go live. SurfaceSE is charged with a much larger roll out that should include a number of locations in the South East of the country. (There will be more on this as it progresses.)
  • Blogging does actually take time and it's common for the occasional break to recharge the batteries.
  • I've been devoting some time to two other start-ups that have resulted both from this blog and speaking to physicians:
    • A business start-up book for physicians and businesses on how to conceive, open and run a cosmetic practice. The book will be available for download from this site when it's completed.
    • And a consultation and training program for physicians in the aesthetic market. (You can read more about what I think of most of the current crop of consultants and franchises here.) I receive between 5 and 10 inquires for advice, training or consulting each week and have decided to put my money where my mouth is and build a program that works. I envision this new training program to be much more along the lines of 'mentoring' and consist of 'how to' training in the business, operations and marketing aspects of the business as well as medical training. You can send me an email (jeff 'at' if you would like to be alerted when this system becomes available.
  • There are a number of businesses that I'm either starting myself or advising others on. You can read more about these on my blog that deals with business outside of cosmetic medicine. You can read my Nimble business blog here.

If you haven't done so already, check out the Physician to Physician and Business Discussion areas. There's some great info.