Fighting Obesity: Weight Loss Wars & E-Health Compete

weightlosswars.gifWith Americas ballooning waistline (mine included), obesity is a prime concern for everyone. Technology to the rescue.

E-Health Compete & Weight Loss Wars provide a kind of 'we're all in this together' feel for groups trying to shed a few pounds.

Weight Loss Wars

 Fun for the whole family:

In a few simple steps WeightLossWars allows you to create weight loss or exercise competitions among your friends and family. You can compete belly to belly, or team against team. It is your competition, you build it how you want, and compete against who you want, for the prizes you want.

E Health Compete

Save your business money on health care:

These full scale programs are results driven and include a detailed report on the outcomes of the campaign. That way you can keep your finger on the pulse of your investment in eHealthCompete.