RateMD.com let's patients give their plastic surgeon two thumbs up... or down.


Expect to see more of this in the near future as social networking sites turn their attention to things like medical services.

FIG7.gifProving once again that medicine is a tough field...  A new web site allows the public to rate and comment about doctors online; RateMDs.com. The site claims that as of today 20,379 physicians have been rated, with 74 new ones added yesterday. Developers assert that the site is changing the way the world looks at medicine by providing patients with the unique opportunity to rate and read about their doctors.

Those who post ratings and comments do so anonymously, and each physician listed gets an overall rating expressed in the form of a smiling, frowning, or neutral icon.

The FAQs note that 'comments should be about professional ability. New ratings are reviewed, and we reserve the right to delete comments or an entire rating.' To the question 'I'm a doctor. How do I get my name removed from your site? The response is ' The short answer is, you don't.''

Forums are being developed that allow almost everything to be ranked, in most cases aynomiously. They will initially be overrun with spam and flaming posts but there will be solutions found to those problems. In the mean time, prepare to be judged.

via MSSPNexus