Top 10 reasons you know you've hired an aesthetician...

cp_photo_esthetician.jpgYou know you've hired an aesthetician when...

...most of your staff is now wearing high heels.'re constantly set upon in an attempt to cleanse your pores.

...microderm is referred to as real medicine.'re instructed that 'aestheticians know anatomy too'.

...there is now green tea and spring water in the break room. own a hot towel cabbie, a skin scope, and 'mood' music. have $30,000 of toner, cleanser, and other stuff that you don't use.

...the esthetician wants to get rid of all the old stuff that the previous esthetician liked because it doesn't work and buy another $30,000 of the new stuff that the new esthetician likes that really does work. hear 'detoxify the skin' for the millionth time. ask what the hell all these toxins are in the skin and how did they get there and hear the reply, 'toxins'. are now selling knock off purses in the treatment rooms.

...the amount of mascara used per employee quadruples.'re asked to carry lip plumping gloss in your practice. offer spray on tanning.

...MySpace is on the history list of every computer. start to chew gum.

This list is completely in jest and not meant to represent any individual or group, especially not any of my staffs who are wonderful, thoughtful, and intelligent. No, I mean your staff.

(No aesthetician was consulted during the formation of this list.)