Med Spa Burnout? Be happy you're not a urologist?

peeandpoo.JPGA day in the life of a urologist. Sometimes everyones just on a different page.

Via UroStream: The setting is a medical examining room. List of characters includes a physician and a patient. The action is all undertaken by the patient while the physician is present. Which of the following scenario would you consider rude?

  • Playing games on your cell phone
  • Answering above mentioned cell phone
  • Clipping your nails
  • Chewing gum
  • Being drunk
  • Being drunk and asking for pain meds
  • Being drunk, asking for pain meds and blaming lack of pain meds for being drunk.
  • Eating a yogurt
  • Eating and then spilling your yogurt on the floor, and having the physician clean it up.
  • Pooping in the uroflow machine (device to measure your urinary flow and NOT designed for BMs)
It was a very long week....