Cosmetic Surgery Times: Correcting nasolabial folds

Cosmetic Surgery Times: Correcting nasolabial folds PDF

050104_COSMETIC_SURGERY_hmed_12p.hmedium.jpgThis activity is intended to meet the needs of dermatologists and aesthetic surgeons seeking to select appropriate facial filler materials for individual patients based on current research. The activity will also provide information to help physicians improve cosmetic results and patient satisfaction that follows soft-tissue augmentation with injectable fillers.

Aesthetic practitioners seeking to provide facial soft-tissue augmentation for their patients have several therapeutic options. Nevertheless, the recent explosion of new products necessitates that pioneers continuously reevaluate and fine-tune their choices and application techniques. This educational insert is intended to provide state-ofthe- science information that will help these physicians select appropriate technologies based on the latest data on available injectable dermal filler materials.