Endotine Ribbon: Thread Lift / Featherlift replacement?

ribbon.gifCoapt has released a new 'thread lift' suture, the 'Endotine ribbon'.

It is a device with two rows of small spikes that can be used with tiny incisions to lift areas on the face, similar to the thread lift. The device is absorbed by the body in about 6 months.
The long term results from products like this remain to be proven.

From the Coapt site:

The ENDOTINE Ribbon is a bioabsorbable implant designed for lower face suspension of the jowl and neck. It is made of 82/18 L-lactide/glycolide, similar to LactoSorb™, and consists of a long slender leash with 34 tines that can be customized to the patient’s anatomy and procedure by cutting either the tine bearing area or the smooth leash area. When implanted, the Ribbon engages the deep anatomy (SMAS or platysma) of the newly created surgical plane, and is sutured to the temporal or mastoid fascia to maintain the vector of lift until biological healing takes place. The Ribbon replaces conventional suspension suture used in lower face and neck suspension surgery, and is an effective alternative to ‘thread lifting’.

Many patients say they can feel the devices, and have discomfort in the area of implantation, even after 6 months. Additionally, the cost of these devices can be as much as more traditional rejuvination procedures such as facelifts, which probably last much longer and have what many would say are more reliable effects.

We gave up on thread lifts / featherlifts long ago after seeing poor results, dissatisfied patients, and other problems. Point Lift was develope to deal with these shortcomings and is gaining very quick acceptance by those trained in the procedure. We'll see what happens.