Surface Medical in Nashville

Surfaces new Nashville clinic's coverage from MSNBC.

surface-natural-face-lift.jpgSurface's new clinic in Nashville is now open and getting some good press with the introduction of the Surface Natural Lift. It's the same procedure Point Lift we've been developing out here in UT for years.

Watch the MSNBC report.

From MSNBC:  A new non-surgical facelift technique has arrived in Nashville. If you are afraid of the knife or if you can not take the time to recover, this might be an option to consider.

People are eager to get rid of sagging jowls, frown lines and turkey necks in about two hours. Peggy Schantz was determined to avoid cosmetic surgery."I knew if I lived long enough, they would come out with a procedure like this. I had noticed in the last three or four years there was a major difference in my face but not enough that I would have plastic surgery. I didn't want to look stretched and pulled," said Schantz.She came to Dr. Aaron Barson for the natural lift, which is a patented technique he developed.

To begin the procedure, Barson marked the pattern for the sutures behind the ears and in the hairline. At these locations, they are invisible as they heal. A numbing local anesthetic is then administered and the lifting begins with the patient wide awake.

"They want to see every little thing you're doing and they have questions," said Barson.

A special type of small suture is guided under the skin with the device that Barson created. The sutures are guided to lift sagging skin in what the doctor explains is the logical direction.

"The face falls down, so how do you correct that? By lifting up, not back. A conventional facelift pulls the skin back. The vertical is what restores that natural look to the person," he said. The results are immediate.

"I got a really good reaction, in my case it was dramatic,? said Schantz.Louise McKee did miss any of her daily routine after she had procedure."There was no down time at all. In fact, the next day I went to Nordstroms. Nothing's going to keep me from that," said McKee.

Barson is the medical director for Surface Skin and Facial Rejuvenation located in Nashville. It is the only facility in the southeastern United States offering this type of facelift. The procedure costs approximately $3,000 for the basic natural lift and is reversible.