The Beauty Brains: Answers about cosmetics.

beautybrains.gifThe Beauty Brains blog.

The Brains are both professional cosmetic chemists with over 30 years experience creating cosmetics and personal care products and answer questions about cosmetic products.

From Beauty Brains:

How Does This Blog Work?
You can ask us questions two ways. Use our Ask The Beauty Brains link or email us at Check back for your answer in a few days; depending on our traffic and how much research we have to do it may take a little longer.

What Products Do We Discuss?
It depends on what you ask about, but pretty much anything you put on your body is fair game.

  • What you can really expect the product to do (or not do)
  • How the product does what it does.
  • How the product is made.
  • How the product is (or isn't) different from similar products.
  • What the advertising behind the products really mean.