Medical Spas Online Changes

Medical Spas Online was started as something of a group venture. The idea seemed simple enough. Build a site where physicians and business professionals can post exactly what they think and benefit the medspa community at large.

Since Medical Spas Online launched in May of 2005, it's grown to a community of 3,500 monthly readers, most of which are physicians. But there have been some political consequences that were unforeseen by the originators. Medspas Online was designed to be a voice outside the domination of groups pushing a particular philosophy for gain. But politics have entered. In fact, it's gotten personal. A number of individuals who've written for MSO have been pressured to express views other than their own. Exactly the kind of political influence that we wanted to prevent.

Medical Spas Online will continue just as before but with a difference that we feel we should announce since we're sure there will be a new 'flavor'. Jeff Barson, Managing Partner of Surface Medical Spas in Park City, Utah, will be taking over as Managing Editor of Medspas Online. Jeff will be running the show from this point. Jeff has been published on Medspas Online,, Medical Spa Report, and and many other sites and magazines and has always provided quality content. We wish him the best in his new endeavor. There will be a number of changes around the site that reflect the new ownership but there will continue to be articles and posts by other authorities.

We would like to thank all those physicians and pros that have been involved personally with us. We've found some great people and docs and wish them all continued success.