Medical Spas Online Gets Sued?

Here's a comment that was left on Medical Spas Online's story on Do Medical Spa Franchises Work For Physicians.

"The legal information and comments made in this site are wrong. I am an attorney who has been contacted by one of your readers. The reader wants to take legal action against the owners of this blog. You need to have your comments reviewed by an attorney before posting any further blogs."

and an email: "I am an attorney. First, the legal comments and advice you are providing constitutes the practice of law and, thus, you could be facing criminal sanctions. Second, I have been contacted by one of your readers you wants to take legal action against you for improper legal advice. I suggest that you refrain from providing any further legal advice in your blog or have it reviewed by an attorney before posting it."

S.Blair (Unregistered. No profile. Email entered is

It would seem that someone's upset with something we had to say. (Since that comment is somewhat threatening It's been removed and reposted here so that it doesn't scare innocent passers-by.)

You'll notice that there's just a threat. No effort at all to point out any flaw, mistake or misinformation about what was written. No clarification. Just that a 'reader' wants to take legal action and a 'you're practicing law' claim. Makes you wonder about motives.

First: let me say that none of the information on this site is represented as being written and vetted by attorneys and it's not represented as such. We're not making 'legal' comments or solicitations. These are opinions for you to take or leave as you deem good. Anyone can leave a comment on any post or anywhere in the physician or business discussion areas. It's called free speech. Medical law is convoluted and anyone operating in this market is well advised to seek the council of an experienced attorney. Anyone reading this blog will find plenty of references to contacting an expert attorney.

Second: Attorneys don't usually just start leaving comments on web sites in order to threaten people. (At least in my experience, but hey, there's lots of lawyers our there and someone using a hotmail account should expect a few raised eyebrows.) I would have expected a cease and desist letter first. S.Blair is welcome to send us any number of emails using the link to the right. If S.Blair's an authority I'll be only too happy to post all of his accusations and correspondence right here for everyone to read. I'd be especially interested in finding out who's behind S.Blair.

Third: This is exactly the problem we're trying to address. There are some less than scrupulous individuals out there who are profiting from that lack or available resources and knowledge base. If there is something incorrect that we've written or that has been posted or sent to this site, we will only be too glad to clarity, edit, remove or alter any information that's incorrect or misleading.

Anonymous threats aside, I would be happy to repost in it's entirety and without edit, any conflicting opinion or position, legal or otherwise, by an identified, reputable and visible source. Just email your view and contact information using the submit link. That's how free speech works.

Stay tuned.