Nothing Brings Out Anger Like Thermage

thermage.jpgIt's surprising to me how polarizing Thermage as a treatment seems to be. There are 5 threads on Thermage going on in the Physician to Physician discussion area. While the 'pro' Thermage docs seem to be relatively calm, the 'con' side is much more strident in their views. ( It appears that the docs panning Thermage appear to be plastic surgeons but who knows.) It seems to be particular to Thermage for some reason, Cutera's Titan or Fraxel  don't seem to evoke nearly the outrage.

Here's a sample: 

If you feel that you must scam your patients because you don't have a real treatment or can provide a real surgical intervention for them because you're not qualified to be doing what you are trying to "sell" to unsuspecting patients...

Pretty strong stuff. Most doctors hesitate to accuse other physicians of running scams on their patients but Thermage seems to push some right off the edge.