Top 10 lies of medspa technology salespeople.

These are the lies of salespeople from IPL, laser, and technology companies.

1. "We're committed to helping you grow your business."  This means that the salesperson has attended sales training and memorized a list of popular sales pitches. The information and 'sales growth' kits available from the tech companies are really pitches for building their name recognition. Sales people get paid for selling. Once your sold, you're in.

 2. “This is how (name of competitor medical spa) did it, and it worked.” If a tech salesperson is telling you about your competitors, they're telling your competitors about you too. The only contact sales staffs have are sales related. The information passed around is just what someone told them was the case.

3. “We'll take care of training your staff.” Lasers and IPLs almost always come with training packages. The sales rep will come in and give you a day or so of time. The rest will be up to you so you'd better attend as well since you'll be doing the training from now on.

4. “This is an easy business decision.” This is not an easy business. One of my buddies is one of the largest buyer and seller of used aesthetic equipment. He buys it from docs going out of business and sells it to docs going into business. (The salient part is docs going out of business.) This is a 'retail' medical business, not an easy one.

5. “This is how much this IPL/Laser/whatever costs.” The retail cost of lasers and IPL's is far above the street cost. Check out these listings on Ebay. A Cutera Xeo with a list price of $127,000 has a street value of around $70,000. Unless you need support or this is your first device, you will want to investigate used equipment.

Add your top lies of tech salespeople in the comments and I'll add them to this list.