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It's the wild west out there. The advent and introduction of technologies that don't depend exclusively on the physician to perform the treatment has caused an explosion in both the ease and popularity of these new treatments, and the problems that have come from businesses pushing the physician out of the treatment room, and the competitive forces that pressure doctors to cut corners. So just what is the current situation in the market?

Medical Spa Franchises

What's wrong with medical spa franchises?
8 things you should know about medspa franchises. 

You'll notice that I'm not a great proponent of the current batch of medspa franchises? Why? The short answer is that they're not physician-centric and offer close to nothing in the way of differentiators for the physician. 

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Corporate Practice of Medicine

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Number two on the list of problems in doing business with a physician is this, the corporate practice of medicine doctrine prohibits corporations from providing professional medical services. Physicians should be very cautious. When entering into employment agreements with corporations which permit lay persons control over a physician’s practice, physicians should be especially circumspect. Physicians must also be aware than any restrictive covenants, whether reasonable or not, may be considered void against public policy and therefore unenforceable. Non-physicians partnered with a medspa Medical Director may have no legal contract.

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