Protecting your medical spa from embezzlement.

tn_embezzlement_2000.jpgEmployee (and accountant) embezzlement is rampant in medical clinics. Medical spas, laser clinics, and plastic surgeon offices are no different. We've even had the unpleasant experience of a physician embezzling from one of our clinics. 

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So what should you do to ensure that you have controls in place to minimize the opportunity for embezzlement at your company? Here are some tips:

1. Don’t leave cash lying around in an unprotected spot. It can easily disappear, and you don’t want to tempt people by being careless.

2. Don’t use signature stamps for checks. They're too easy to misuse. Sign the checks yourself with a pen.

3. Minimize the number of employees who have signature authority on your bank account. Too many hands in the pot can lead to disaster.

4. Make deposits nightly so that excess funds aren't left onsite...