Plastic Surgery: Patient Lotteries

_40828810_implant203.jpgPlastic surgons are, 'appalled at this new scheme but unfortunately not surprised'.

Plastic surgeons have criticised a company for running the world's first cosmetic surgery "superdraw".

The British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS) accused Europa International of "plumbing new depths".

It said the company was using marketing gimmicks to attract customers to surgery abroad.

But John Babbage, co-founder of the Prague-based company, said there was no difference between somebody winning surgery, and paying for it.

People are encouraged to enter the company's draw via text or phone through a section on their website entitled "win your surgery for just £1.50".

The monthly draw gives people in the UK the chance of winning £6,000 towards cosmetic surgery.

Hat tip to Kevin MD