Medical Spa MD is asking for some help.


I started writing Medical Spa MD a few years ago.

Medspa MD currently has around 600 pages, 4000 comments, and 550 or so members and is read by more than 20,000 unique readers and has 100,000+ page views every month. I've tried to be generally unbiased but express my point of view. I've kept the spammers and hidden agenda crowd at bay and have made a few friends. In general it's been an even trade.

But I've run into a little bit of a conflict. Time. There's not enough of it and blogging on Medspa MD has been somewhat sparse of late. I realize that and I'm aware that regular readers do as well.

Why? Well, I'm working on launching, a replacement technology for email in addition to my other blogs, Wild Blue Creative, Simple Curiosity, Surface, and the medical marketing print portal I've been on about for months. I'm swamped.

So I'm faced with a number of options. I can close Medical Spa MD down. I can just leave it up and hope. Or, option number three and the one I'm going with, I can solicit help from some of the regular contributors.

I'm making a groveling solicitation for some of the regular contributors to Medspa MD to step forward and help just a little.

Medspa Guy, DermaDoc, Dermgal, LH, Dermacareless and any of the other regular crew of physicians who have been so free with information, I'm hoping to tap you for some additional help and make you contributors to the regular blog in addition to the forums.

For those of you who whish to remain anonymous, that can be arranged. In fact, I don't even need to know who you are. (This is not really an open call but a narrow one to those who have already earned their spurs.)

So, please contact me. I'll work out all of the techie stuff. There's no need to make a real commitment. Post when you can.

If we can get three of the above to write a post or two a month, I can fill in the rest and we can keep Medspa MD up and thriving as the only place on the web where these discussions take place.