Facial Yoga & You?

facial_yoga_tout2.jpgSometimes you just can't believe that this stuff makes it in to the mainstream press.

Facial yoga? 

Surprise Me!
Widen your eyes, as though surprised, but try not to wrinkle the brow. Focus on a point in front of you for about five to ten seconds. Then repeat, four times.

In New York City, Annelise Hagen, a devoted yogi, former actress and author of The Yoga Face: Eliminate Wrinkles with the Ultimate Natural Facelift, runs a weekly facial yoga class. Hagen says she started to develop her face-based technique when she realized that her students, mostly well-to-do, well-educated professionals, were practicing yoga but getting Botox injections during their lunch breaks. "It didn't seem to be in the spirit of yoga to me," she says.