Medspa MD Manners: Be nice or be gone.

There's been a disturbing increase in the tone of comments lately.

Nice_Logo2.gifDisturbing to me at least. Use of all caps. Pejoritive terms like 'Dermboy' used. And lot's of holier than thou lectures.

Certainly I may have prompted at least a little of it since I'm generally free with my opinions, but I'm not interested in running a site where people get shouted down or are hesitant to comment since they might be flamed.

Karen, who posted her displeasure with DermaCares customer service emailed me and asked for her email to be removed. She was honestly fearful that she may be retaliated against in some way. That's not constructive.

So while passions may get inflamed, please keep them in check. Post what you want but try and remain civil.

That being said, the comments are often the best read. But those that I think cross the line may be edited or removed. I constantly have to remove spam comments and references anyway.