Sona Medspas, Ron Berglund, & Medical Spa MD.

The Sona saga makes a reappearance and I get more letters from lawyers.

National%20Ethics%20Bureau%20graphic.jpgRon Berglund, former Sona Medspa Franchisee and author of the Inside a Sona Medspa posts, has had his lawyers send me a letter that says in part:

"We represent Ronald Berglund, a former Sona Laser Center franchisee who has, in the past, contributed certain blogs to your website...

... We are once again requesting that you remove Mr. Berglund's blogs with respect to Sona Laser Centers. Those blogs no longer represents his views and he no longer authorizes them to be published on your website. I am copying Mr. Kiran Mehta, counsel to Sona. We are asking that you remove these entries immediately in order to avoid further action."

There's a little more but that's the gist of it. (I'll scan the fax so everyone can read it in its entirety.)

Now I called Ron's lawyer and talked to him for a while. I thought he was a complete ass who was doing a damn poor job of trying to get me to remove anything from this site. I told him that I thought highly of Ron and didn't want to hurt him and that I didn't even have a real axe to grind against Sona. But 'old W. Michael Garner Esq. just threatened 'action's in the future'. I also told the lawyer that I didn't really object to helping Ron out, but what I did object to was using this site as some sort of bargaining chip. Certainly I feel no real obligation to post and retract comments or articles based on daily feelings and there's nothing he or Sona can do to prevent anyone from commenting or writing whatever they want.

Ron wanted to publish his story to prevent others by being taken advantage of by Sona.

It's obvious to me, and you can judge for yourself, that Sona and Ron have made some sort of arrangement. I don't know if Sona's paying Ron or not but it's interesting that, with the number of emails that Ron sent me talking about 'ethics' and referring to Sona as 'frauds', that now they're in bed together again. I guess it goes to show that personal interests will trump ethics every time.

So while I think Ron's lawyer is a complete ass and I certainly have no obligation to remove something that Ron posted directly to the public domain, I don't want to cause harm to Ron so I'm going to sort through and remove them over the next week or so.

So if you haven't read Ron's series on Inside A Sona Franchise, I'd suggest you do it now. They won't be around forever.