Thermage, Mesotherapy, Medical Marketing & whatever.

Medical Spa MD is going to have some new content on Thermage, Mesotherapy, and building out clinics.

mailing_list_graphic.jpgI met Clint Canell, VP of Sales for Thermage, for lunch before but we're getting together again Friday to talk about Thermage posting content directly to Medical Spa MD. Clint informed me today that a number of his reps read this site, so I'll throw out a big hello to the Thermage sales guys in the trenches. I hope you guys follow my Thermage rep Chris Oordt's example.

I know that Thermage is less than happy with the company Clint refers to as the 'Brazilian Bandits' who are distributing some kind of little chip that allows you to reuse Thermage tips.

Clint told me that Themage has been resolute in tracking these guys around the world and I know that they pose something of a threat to the Thermage business model. I regularly get emails asking about refurbished Thermage tips so I know that there are at least some doctors using them.

I've also been exchanging emails with Robert P. Pitera, M.D.. Dr. Pitera is the President of the American Board of Mesotherapy and is on the Board of Directors to both the American Society of Mesotherapy and the American Journal of Mesotherapy. Dr. Pitera is interested in contributing to this site and whatever he says, it should be interesting. I know that many here are not proponents of Mesotherapy. (I'll add a disclaimer here that Surface does the fat dissolving form of Mesotherapy, Liposolve TM, but not the 'vitalift' or other such.) Perhaps mesotherapy has reached the tipping point. I know that at least competitors of Surface in Utah are practicing some form of meso.

There is also some big movement on the marketing front. Towards the end of May, members of Medical Spa MD will be able to utilize what I think is just-about-the-coolest-marketing-program-I've-ever-heard-of with the launch of the printing portal aimed directly at cosmetic medical practices. And the pricing is about 30-40% off of the online deep discount printers. Damn that will be cool. I've seen some screenshots and PDF's of the the site and materials and there's just not anything available like it.

I've also received the first of my skin typing spectrophotometers. I can't say it's the most elegant thing I've ever seen, especially compared to the Minolta model we've been using in the past. But then again, it's about $3000 less and works perfectly well, so I'll just live with the ugly looks. 

On a final note, If you haven't already signed up as a Medical Spa MD member, just do it. I'm only collecting emails and a small amount of demo info so you need not be worried about to much spamming.