Radiance Medspas & the 23 franchise class action lawsuit.

Is he blood letting at Radiance Medspas just starting?


I'd heard from some Radiance Medspa franchise owners that the 90 day response window that their lawyers had set for Radiance Franchise Group to respond to their petition was up this last Friday... And no word.

For those unfamiliar with what's going on...  As I understand it, 23 Radiance franchisees filed a class action lawsuit against Radiance corporate for failing to live up to the franchise agreement and substantial misrepresentations in the UFOC. Radiance was given 90 days to respond or the franchisees would consider Radiance's franchise agreement to be void.

If Radiance really looses those franchisees I can't see how they can continue to operate since they'll have to disclose that to all potential buyers. Something similar may be in the works at Dermacare if they don't get their act together and make the Dermacare franchisees happier.

I'm wondering what happened? Anyone in the know?

I think Radiance might be down to just one guy huddled behind a folding table. The map showing Radiance's expansion efforts hasn't been current for many months and still shows clinics as open that have left or gone out of business.


I don't know if the Radiance Medspa in Cedar City is open but I know that the Salt Lake City location split with Radiance months ago. I wonder if they're just really overloaded with buyers and can't get to the little things?