Medical Spa MD: Comments & Email

I'm supprised by those in our ranks who feel that their every utterance or note is protected by copyright.

copyright.gifEsther want's me to remove a question that she emailed me about opening a medical spa. If you read the post you'll see that she's commented and asked me to remove her question although her identity was removed.

There are a number of contributers to this site whose identities I know but don't reveal since there may be repercussions for them and I'm carefull to hold delicate information in confidence. But I have to draw the line somewhere and this kind of thing just doesn't meet that criteria.

If she'd emailed me in confidence or made any other disclaimer I certainly would have obscured the question even more.

Here's my reply:

You emailed me asking to take the time to answer your question. I did so. Since it was a general question that many physicians have I removed the identifying information and posted the answer here so that other physicians who would like to know the answer could also read and benefit from it.

You ask me to remove it and to that I say this. You seem to think that every utterance is yours to own. I disagree.

There is nothing that identifies you in particular and even if there were I see no privileged information that could cause you or anyone else harm. You asked me to answer your question. I've taken the time to do that. If you don't like the answer that's one thing and you're welcome to post any kind of criticism you'd like about that. Good luck.