Is it worth buying a Dermacare franchise? JK wants to know.

Medical spa franchises are still for sell

questions_graphic.jpgThe following was posted by JK on another Dermacare thread. Since it deals with a very specific question, I've reposted it here so that the Dermacare franchisees can answer it.

"Firstly I would like to say, no I am not a part of Dermacare. And my inquiries are serious, I do appreciate your feedback and am asking the question because I really want to research a few things before agreeing to go to DC versus an independant clinic. Those that responded I thank you.

To MD: Your comment: I got a 800K investment which still costs me 15-20K per month to operate (10 months in) and I work anywhere from 40-60 hours a week for zero dollars.

-I know the investment is high I did my research and the investment is around 800k, so yes I do know that. So how are you working so hard and not getting income, are people only requesting low yield services? I did the numbers and something is not adding up. If you are busy where is the rev going to? I have spoken to other DC clinics and they are reporting a consistent rev stream, why is that? I have seen their numbers.

So it seems the customer service is bad at DC, thank you for letting me know I will research that further.

Also I am learning that there are 2 clinics in trouble in AZ, can anyone give me a hint as to who they are? I would love to research this further.

Again thank you for your feedback, and I am sorry you had a bad experience" - JK

But DermaDoc wants to sell me his franchise. Now I'm really in a quandry.

OK Dermacare franchiees. JK wants to know if it's just sour grapes he's reading.