Medical Estheticians: Physicians not necessary.

I had a hell of a time trying to think of a title for this post. Here are some I discarded:


  • A8410D-md-b.jpgI've got a laser and I want money or I'll shoot.
  • Cosmetic Medicine: Medical degree not required.
  • Someone took my money and gave me this Medical Esthetician Degree.

An esthetician posted over on the IPL & Laser discussion boards that she'd like to start practicing aesthetic medicine:

"I want to get into laser Hair Removal but not sure where to begin. I am statring to look at equipment to lease but really stuch on which way to go. I want a machine thatwill grow wit me and my business. I will start with hair removal and go from there. In school we learned on a Cutera machine but I was just looking at the Harmoney. I could really use some advice from people who have already done this before. As well I am sure I need insurance to perform services."

Sytax, grammar, and punctuation aside, there were a number of (what I considered to be well meaning) replies that attempted to inform Ashley that these were medical procedures and that she, as an esthetician, was going to have a hard time doing them off on her own. Not to be dissuaded, Ashely replied with this:

"I am not interested in Laser surgery. I am refering to laser hair removal, photo facials, capillary treatments. A medical degree is not required. These services are performed by a medical esthetican "

Now there's a declaration of fact and no mistake.

Evidently Ashleys either lives outside the US, she's been misinformed, or she feels that medical schools a mere formality thats been replaced with esthetician school.

I'm supprised that she's been treated "wit" such kid gloves since she's left the domain of the esthetician boards and posted to a site that clearly states 'physicians' at the top. Of course JK offered to hire her.

Here's my response:

 You have to be kidding.

  • There is no such licensure in any state for "Medical Esthetician". (Someone provide a link to a state site if I'm wrong.)
  • All the treatments listed are medical treatments: You've got to be kidding with this.

There are plenty of posts on this site that deal specifically with this issue: Who can fire of an IPL and under what circumstances.

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