Medspa MD: Difficulties logging in.

I've had some difficulties with the back end of this site over the last few days and haven't been able to post. (This is a tricky post by email.)

I'm hoping that Anthony and the boys will get this figured out and have me up and running again in no time. I've been busily working on the physician direct mail site and it's actually up in a beta form on the web. It's fantastic but it's only 20% completed and changing daily. If anyone's got a name suggestion I'm all ears. Leave it as a comment. If I end up using it I'll give you $500 in free printing, complete name recognition, and the knowledge that you're smarter than I am.

I'm going to be sending a beta link to everyone who's registered as a Medspa MD member so that they can take a look and provide some feedback. If you've not become a member yet, take 30 seconds and do it now. It doesn't hurt and member get all the best stuff. If I'm lying you can always use your spam filter.