Sona Medspa & Spin: Paying $400k is great!

Sona Medspas has big troubles, but evidently Sona's being found guilty of misrepresentation and ordered to pay $400,000 is a good thing, at least according to the Sona Medspa CEO and PR.

Spin_Doctor.jpgFrom the Medspa Press 'article': Sona Medspa Plans For Growth After Favorable Arbitration Ruling.

"Heather Rose, CEO of Sôna MedSpa stated, This case was one of a string of cases brought against us. The coordinated attack on our business has utterly failed. We are pleased with the result of this arbitration, and even more pleased that our franchise partners are enjoying prosperity in their Sôna MedSpa businesses.

 You have to love the cajones of that last sentence about Sona's franchise partners after you read the links at the bottom of this post.

The trouble with sites like Medspa Press and other sites like it is that they have a simple format which takes press releases from RSS feeds and displays them as actual stories or articles. It's not really a bait and switch, but it's not really of great value either. It's just whatever a business in the medspa space want's to put out.

You'll notice that the source at the bottom shows that this is a straight press release from Sona, not a story from the Medspa Press Staff which is what it's supposed to look like. Do I care? Not really. They're making money from the number of 'articles' that they can get up. Read the previous Sona post and then the press release on Medspa Press. I'd be interested to read some feedback on what you think.

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