Retail Medicine: Make an offer your patients can't refuse.

Medical Spa Advertising: Three Attributes of a Great Offer for your Medspa.

When you've decided on your offer, run it through this checklist to make sure it's as effective as can be.

  1. BoatsSpecialOffers.gif

    Does your offer have a high perceived value? "Perceived" is the key word here. The good news is that an effective offer doesn't have to cost much. It just has to be something of value to your audience. Certainly the 'free consultation' is a common offer and generally very effective. Free facials are another. If you're smart and have been collecting your patients mailing addresses in a database (not just in the chart), a valuable offer could be inclusion in your medspas monthly newsletter on skin care and anti-aging where they can receive 'additional' offers.

  2. Is your offer easy to understand and take action on? Have you gotten a direct mail piece or an e-mail that had an offer that was so involved, so convoluted, that you just said, "Forget it!"? You don't want people to be overwhelmed and forget your offer. Make it simple. Don't add a lot of conditions or steps or restrictions. If you can, stick with one step: Call this number, click here to download this white paper, type in this discount code or register here. Joining Medical Spa MD is an example of ease of use and low barriers. All you need to do is enter your email.

  3. Is your offer relevant to the product, service or event you're promoting? A great offer isn't just good for the person who receives it; it's good for your medspa too. Especially in the case of lead generation, you want your offer to tie into the product you're selling, event you're promoting or service you're providing. That way, it will help advance the sale, or--better yet--inspire your audience to take immediate action. A monthly newsletter or email or "10 tips" lists are both great examples of this. They keep your reader focused on areas of your expertise and continue your 'face time' with potential new patients.